Q: How much will my document cost for translation?
A: In order to provide a quote, we need to review your document (except driving licenses – see the next question). You can either stop by our office with the document for translations or send us an email with a copy attached.

Q: Can you translate my driving license?
A: Yes, the fee is $50.

Q: When will my translation be ready?

A: When we provide a translation quote, we also advise the date it will be ready.

Q: What if I have a deadline to meet?
A: Let us know you have a deadline when you send the document over for a quote. We will advise whether we can meet the deadline.

Q: What languages do you service?

A: We service ALL languages and ALL language combinations.

Q: Will my translation be certified?
A: Yes, we certify our translations.

Q: Can you e-mail me the translation?
A: Certified translations cannot be e-mailed. The notary stamp that certifies it is embossed and is not something you can print yourself.

Q: What if I don't have time to pick up the translation from your office?
A: We can mail you the
translationthroughregular mail via the USPS.

Q: What if I need my translation in a hurry but I don't have time to pick it up from your office?
A: No problem – we can ship the translation to you through Priority Mail. You are responsible for the $5.05 charge and can expect the translation within 1-3 business days via the USPS.

Q: Can you provide me with an extra copy of my translation?
A: If you are picking up your translation, additional copies are $5/each. If you have picked up your translation in the past but are now requesting an additional copy, copies are $15/each and $5 for each additional copy within the same request.

Q: How much does an interpreter cost?

A: In order to provide a quote, we need the date, time, location, duration and nature of the visit.

Q: What languages do you provide for interpretation?
A: We provide ALL languages and ALL dialects.

Q: What is your policy on cancellations?
A: We require a 48 business hour cancellation. Visits canceled within that time frame will be charged as quoted.

Q: I have a strange request – can you help?

A: We welcome all requests and will do our best to provide an interpreter that will suit your language needs.